Headaches during Pregnancy! What do you do

Headaches during Pregnancy! What do you do

Thus there is a need to find ways of dealing with headaches that make way during pregnancy and ensure that the mother-to-be maintains great health.  If you are pregnant or know of someone who is pregnant and suffering from the regular bout of headaches, a reading through this article might help.

Pregnancy means that drastic changes are taking place in your body.  Your body is trying to adjust to the new functions that have been thrust upon it, and when there is a sudden change in the varied functioning styles of the body, headaches can be brought about as just one of the many side effects and coping mechanisms that the body adopts.

Hormonal Changes

There are several hormones that are being produced and supplied by the body to cope with all the changes.  A hormonal imbalance can lead to severe headaches in a woman.


Stress is another factor that can lead to headaches.  The pressure of work, coping with varied other things at home, and the overall changes in one's routine, lifestyle and body can lead to stress from trying to cope with the many changes.

Caffeine Withdrawal

Pregnancy spells a change in the diet and there are several restrictions in her diet that a woman has to face.  Usually, doctors recommend cutting down on coffee and other stimulants that contain caffeine.  Caffeine withdrawal can-- and usually does-- lead to headaches.

Medical Conditions

There are certain medical conditions and changes in the medical status of the body that can lead to headaches in a woman during her pregnancy.  These conditions can include-- a drop in the level of blood sugar, dehydration, hunger pangs, and fatigue caused by less sleep, among others.

There are several natural ways of dealing with headaches during pregnancy.  Here are top 8 ways by which you can ensure that the headaches stay at bay.

Top 8 methods to deal with headaches when pregnant


One of the simplest and most effective ways of dealing with a headache is to close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.  Some women inhale select fragrances that are known to get rid of the headaches effectively enough.

Warm and Cold Packs

When your head starts throbbing, work and try with some hot or cold compresses.  These are known to help restore normal breathing and in increasing the circulation of blood through the body-- thereby helping reduce the effect of showers and headaches.

Kool and Soothe Patches


Another factor that is known to help is taking a warm or cold shower or splashing one's face with cold water.  Pressing the temple and head is also known to relieve the symptoms of an impending or a full-blown headache.

Plenty of Rest

If there has been way too much activity and you haven't realized that it has affected you, then getting some rest-- lying down with your eyes closed or a proper nap-- is known to drive the fatigue away and restore the lost vigor, thus getting rid of a headache.

Aiming at 'No Stress'

Stress is one of the main factors that can lead to headaches as well as a multitude of other medical conditions.  Try and reduce the overall stress in your life.

A Well-balanced Meal

Dehydration, low blood sugar, lack of the required vitamins and other nutrients, as well as skipped meals, can lead to severe ill effects on the body, which can then lead to headaches.  Eating a well-balanced meal is absolutely necessary, as is eating every meal.

Exercises and Relaxation Techniques

Releasing of feel-good hormones in the body and eliminating the toxins can be a great way to deal with the headaches that make way.  Include mild exercises into your routine.

Avoid Headache-inducing Stimuli

Understand and identify the stimuli that lead to your headaches and then avoid them.  Other than that, you can try these solutions and see which one works for you.

If your headache persists, please speak to your physician or pharmacist.