How To Treat Warts and verrucas at Home

How To Treat Warts and verrucas at Home

What is a Wart or Verruca?

Warts are lumps, which resemble small solid blisters.  Warts are a viral infection caused by HPV (human papillomavirus).  There are different types of warts, and plantar wart (verruca pedis) is one of them.  Plantar means 'occurring on the underside surface of the foot'.  Let us discuss the causes, symptoms, and treatment of plantar warts.It is caused due to direct skin-to-skin contact.  There are over 100 types of HPV, and the virus that causes these warts is contagious.  This virus grows easily in wet and warm conditions and is commonly present in public swimming pools, shower room floors, locker rooms, etc.  If one has a cut, one can get infected easily when walking in a public room which has this virus.  This type of viral infection can also spread from one body part to another by touching or scratching.

Signs and Symptoms of Warts and Verruca

The initial symptoms are small, grain-like bumps, which are flesh-colored.  Sometimes, warts may have tiny black colored specs on them.  It's time to see a doctor in the following cases.
If you have detected the condition in its initial stage.

Warts become painful and change color.
Warts remain or multiply, even after using home remedies.
Warts hinder your day-to-day activities.

Warts and verruca Treatments

Here are some treatments for plantar warts and the precautions one should take to avoid infection by HPV. 

To prevent infection by this virus, avoid walking barefoot in public places like shower rooms, and if somebody you know has this wart infection avoid or at least minimize your contact with that person.  There is no vaccination which has been developed for this type of wart.  The treatment involves either treating the symptoms or making the virus inactive.

Home Remedies for Warts and Verrucas

It is not advisable to try home remedies for warts and if you are still want to try a home remedy, consult your pharmacist or physician. 
There are many natural remedies which include using over-the-counter medicines, like applying neem oil and apple cider vinegar.  One of the most powerful remedies is to use dilute tea tree oil in olive oil and use the mix twice a day on the affected skin region.

Medical Treatment

: Keratolytic chemicals like salicylic acid are topically applied on the skin for peeling the wart affected skin.  Immunotherapy is another method for warts removal, wherein the patient is injected with antigens.  Chemical treatment involves topical application of a virucidal chemical which is an effective and time-tested treatment for warts.
Products available from your pharmacist:

Cuplex gel


: There are various types of surgical treatments for plantar wart removal.  It is sometimes excised, which may cause a lifelong scar.  Even after surgical removal, there is a chance of recurrence of warts.  Many times liquid nitrogen is used to remove warts.  Cauterization is another treatment, where the affected skin tissue is destroyed.  As a last resort, pulsed dye laser treatment is used in some cases.  This is the most effective treatment but is painful and expensive.  Even after the treatment, there is a possibility of recurrence of warts.Do ensure that you try to avoid any infection and never ignore any tiny lumps on the skin, especially if you or your children are swimmers.