What You Should Do During This Flu Season

What You Should Do During This Flu Season

What You Should Do During This Flu Season

The cold-and-flu season is here.  It can seem like everyone around you is sick.  While keeping yourself well in a sea of illness might seem impossible, there are a few tricks you can use to stay healthy even in the sickest of settings.


Wash Your Hands

Good hand washing technique
This may seem obvious, but very important.  While most people know they should wash their hands, most studies show only 50% of women do before leaving the bathroom, and the numbers are worse for men.  Wash your hands regularly throughout the day, it's far the best-known method for preventing infection.


Exercise Even Though It's Cold

As the weather cools, motivating yourself to get outside for a walk, jog or bike ride may seem like the real chore.  But studies have shown that people who are more physically active are also much less likely to get sick.

Running in the cold season can be challenging


Eat Well

Make sure you eat your 5 A Day
There's no substitute for fruits and vegetables when it comes to giving your immune system what it needs to fight illness.  While many take a multivitamin to boost their vitamin and mineral intake, fresh veggies are the best and most natural way to get the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and fight off infection.


Sleep Well

Lack of sleep often leads to illness.  If you're consistently dropping below 7 hours of sleep, you're putting yourself at higher risk for illness by preventing your body from protecting itself.
A good night sleep


Stay Hydrated

Aside from your skin, the major protective surfaces on your body are all wet.  Your eyes, mouth, nose, lungs, stomach, and intestines all use a watery solution of some sort to form that protective layer.  This layer snares any invaders trying to access the body and helps destroy them or flush them out.  If you're dehydrated, these surfaces dry out and lose their protection, opening you up to infection.


Get the Flu Vaccine

Get your flu Jab
You've heard it a lot, but the flu vaccine really does work.  While it doesn't always perfectly nail the virus, it often helps to soften the impact of the illness so that the body can attack and wipe out the flu much more quickly than it otherwise would have.
The flu jab is still available at most pharmacies.


Sanitize Your Surfaces

Clean surfaces using sanitizers
Clean surfaces using sanitizers

Clean all surfaces
Commonly used surfaces and public surfaces are dirty places and key locations to pick up an infection.  Make a habit of periodically sanitizing surfaces you use all the time, like your phone screen and keyboard, and surfaces other people use, like doorknobs and appliance handles.


Cut Your Nails

Think about it: You touch a lot of things over the course of the day.  While you might wash your hands, it's harder to wash under your nails.  Often dirt and germs get trapped underneath.  Keeping your nails short prevents you from carrying stowaways.  Try not to chew your nails, since this transfers the bacteria directly into your mouth.


Do Away With Stress

Avoid stress if possible
Long term stress suppresses your immune system and prevents your body from being able to fight infection effectively.  Finding ways to decompress are extremely important in keeping yourself healthy and illness free.


Avoid Touching Public Surfaces

Try not to touch
Public surfaces are dirty.  Beware of any surface other hands have touched (more so than any other part of the body).  When opening and closing doors, try to use a paper towel.  At the buffet, use a napkin to handle the serving utensils.  Anything you can do to avoid sharing surfaces with other people's hands will help stave off illness.

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