Online Doctor

Online Doctor

The Asset Chemist On-line Doctor

provides you with the opportunity to obtain prescription medicine without a trip to your doctors' surgery.

The service is totally confidential and complies with the highest standards of clinical care

The service provides you with a private prescription to enable you to obtain your prescription medicines.

The online doctor service offers a wide range of treatments so you can obtain your medicines quickly.

The Asset chemist online doctor service is "a one-stop "process. 

You have your online consultation and buy the prescription medication at the same time:- No waiting , One simple payment , One single point of contact , Low-cost Consultation

Asset Chemist Online Doctor Consultation

The doctors providing the services for Asset Chemist Online Doctor are experiences UK practising GP, MRCGP qualified and registered with the General Medicine Council.

Cost of Asset Chemist Online Doctor

There is a flat fee of £12.00 per consultation.

Why is Asset Chemist Online Doctor Consultation Just £12.00
Asset Chemist greatly subsidises the fee paid to the medical doctors who provides the service.  The subsidy ensures that we are providing our customers with an affordable service.

What is an Online Doctor Consultation
A consultation with Asset chemist online doctor is the provision of a private prescription for a prescription only medicine.

A consultation is required per product to be prescribed.

The consultation is via a series of medical questions which you are required to answer to ensure that the prescription product you request is suitable for the use you have indicated.  The doctor might also contact you directly for further information.

The Asset chemist online doctor will only approve a request when they are total satisfied with your request.

A disapproved request will result in the refund of all monies paid including that of the product.