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The Asset Chemist Online Doctor

Staying on top of your health is a very important part of life.  If you ever have any health issues, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.  However, there are many cases where someone doesn't have enough time to see their doctor/physician.  Perhaps you have children and can't find any spare time to pop to the doctors.  Or, you have a tough job that leaves you with very little spare time.  Whatever the reason, going to see the doctor is very difficult for some people. 

No Time To See Your Doctor

If this is something that you find hard to do, then you should consider an online doctor service.  Asset Chemist has a service that allows people to get online consultations.  While some people have to wait weeks before they get an appointment with their doctor, this online service is much quicker.  It allows you to book appointments almost instantly.  You have your consultation and can also buy your medication at the same time.  There's no messing around like at a traditional doctor's surgery.  Often, you have to see your doctor, then get a written prescription, then see someone else to get the medication.  Here, it's a one-stop process, there's less waiting around, and you can get things sorted in no time. 

Qualified, GMC Registered and Experienced Doctors

All of the doctors providing online consultations are fully qualified and experienced.  They're registered with the General Medicine Council and have been in the industry for years.  A consultation is required if you wish to purchase any prescription items from the website.  It follows a very simple structure and is non-intrusive.  Patients will be asked a series of medical questions that you must answer honestly.  These are required as they help find out whether or not the prescribed medicine is suitable for you.  The online doctors can also contact you directly if they need any more of your information. 

Fast, Discreet and Confidential Service

When you submit a prescription request, it can only be approved after the consultation.  If your online doctor is happy with what they see, then you can get your medicine ASAP.  And, if they don't approve, then any money you pay will be refunded.

Asset Chemist Online Doctor Consultation

The doctors providing the services for Asset Chemist Online Doctor are experiences UK practising GP, MRCGP qualified and registered with the General Medicine Council.

Cost of Asset Chemist Online Doctor

There is a flat fee of £12.00 per consultation.

Benefits Of Using An Online Doctor

There are many reasons you should choose an online doctor over a traditional one.  As mentioned before, it can be a much quicker process for you.  Instead of waiting around for ages, you're seen in no time at all.  It's ideal for people that live busy lives and don't have time to go to their doctor. 

Also, it can be a much more comfortable experience for you.  No longer will you have to wait inside a doctors surgery, surrounded by other patients.  You'll be in the comfort of your home.  Additionally, this gets rid of another issue some people have with traditional doctors.  When seeing a doctor, people can feel judged and on-edge.  Being in a room alone with a doctor can intimidate some.  However, an online doctor removes this problem completely.  It's far less personal, and you can relax more when you're at home. 

What is an Online Doctor Consultation

A consultation with Asset chemist online doctor is the provision of a private prescription for a prescription only medicine.

A consultation is required per product to be prescribed.

The consultation is via a series of medical questions which you are required to answer to ensure that the prescription product you request is suitable for the use you have indicated.  The doctor might also contact you directly for further information.

The Asset chemist online doctor will only approve a request when they are total satisfied with your request.

A disapproved request will result in the refund of all monies paid including that of the product.