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At Asset Chemist Online Pharmacy we have friendly, helpful staff, and you can be assured of an excellent level of service.  Our online pharmacy website aims to provide you with health information to keep you informed of all the current health campaigns and other promotion.  Our consultation room and pharmacist is available for any private health matter that you wish to discuss and is also used for our wide range of health services
If you come into the pharmacy with a regular or an acute prescription, and you wish to have any further information about your illness or your medication, we will be only too happy to print a relevant free information sheet while you wait.  Alternatively, for people with Internet connections, mobile and tablets you may just log on to this website for all the help you could need in one place and easy to understand explanations of common illnesses.
Our website is suitable for iPhones and Android phones.
Our repeat prescription ordering system is also fully computerised so that we can keep track of when the prescription was ordered when it was collected from doctor surgery and if there were any problems (such as medication being rejected by doctor), in which case we will try to contact you to let you know
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Asset Chemist now offers online doctor consultation on many common conditions on
Men's health
Erectile dysfunction (impotence)
premature ejaculation (PE)
Hair loss (alopecia)
Women's health
Postpone of period (delay period)
oral contraception
emergency contraception (Ella one)
Treatment of cystitis (water infection)
Smoking cessation (Champix)
weight loss (orlistat- Xenical)
asthma treatment
cholesterol treatment
malaria treatment, travel medicine
skin disorder dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis
minor infections
Vet prescription
You can place your prescription order on our website,, #yourlocalpharmacy


The Pharmacy

Asset Chemist goal is to help people lead healthier lives.  Manage and dispense prescriptions, shop for health, wellness and beauty products, immunisations.  Health assessment tools travel vaccinations, flu vaccination and online doctor clinics.
Asset Chemist offers everyday products and services to help you and your family lead healthier, happier lives.  Visit our online pharmacy and social media sites for health information and promotional offers.
Asset Chemist is an Online Pharmacy, NHS Pharmacy and provides all the Advanced and Essential Services in our retail stores.