Accu-Chek Compact Test Strips

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Accu-Check Compact Test Strips 50+1

What It Is;
Lancets are used to obtain a blood sample in order to test blood glucose levels.  They can be used in conjunction with an appropriate device or may be designed for single use with the lancing mechanism being disposed of along with the lancet after use.
< Please Make Sure Testing Strips, Lancets & Testing Device Are Compatible Before Placing An Order.  >

Accu-Check Compact Test Strips 50+1

How To Use;
Prick 1 Lancet Against Finger, Place Blood On Testing Strip, Then Place In Device, Results Will Tell You The Glucose In Your Blood, Keeping A Journal Or Records Of All Results Is Advised.
Drum with 17 built in test strips eliminates strip handling.  One push of a button and the strip appears, ready to use.  Simple, fast and hygienic

Accu-Check Compact Test Strips 50+1
1) Spill-resistant and simple to take just one strip
2) Simple to use the entire end of the test strip
3) Small drop of blood -> just 0.6 microliter
4) Accurate -> reliable results you can trust

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