Acti-Fast Red 3.5CMX1M Sml Limb

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Acti-Fast Red 3.5CMX1M Sml Limb

Acti-Fast Red 3.5CMX1M Sml Limb

ActiFast tubular bandage

ActiFast 2-way stretch tubular retention bandage is new and improved.

ActiFast 2-way stretch can save you up to 40% as the lowest priced 2-way stretch tubular bandage

The 2-way stretch gives you improved conformability and can reduce unnecessary wastage by up to 20%.

The versatile ActiFast® tubular bandage range is easy to apply and can be cut to size and shape.

The ActiFast® range is safe to use where compression is contra-indicated.

Wet Wrapping Technique using Actifast bandages

An ActiFast tubular bandage suit is applied in two layers a warm, wet layer covered with a dry layer.

Actifast as a liner for leg ulcers

Actifast can be used to provide a soft comfortable layer under bandages for leg ulcers.

Acti-Fast Red 3.5CMX1M Sml Limb
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