Pancreatic Enzyme 250g

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Pancreatic Enzyme is a digestive supplement containing the Pancreatic Enzymes: Lipase, Amylase and Protease to assist the digestion and absorption of fat, carbohydrates and proteins.  This mixture of digestive enzymes is normally released by the pancreas into the intestine to digest food.  Sometimes the production and release of these enzymes is defficient, resulting in poor digestion and weight loss.  Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (or EPI) is the name of the condition affecting dogs which is the most common cause of this condition (mostly German Shepherd Dogs in fact).  Supplementing the foods with enzymes added to the food before it is eaten is the usual treatment of this condition.  Pancreatic Enzyme Powder contains high levels of these enzymes and is usually given for this purpose.  It might help with other digestive conditions too and can be given on the recommendation of your vet.


Pancreatic Enzyme
Pancrex V Powder

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