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Private Prescriptions

Failure to Provide a Valid Prescription when you have ordered a prescription product.

If you do not email and the post your prescription for the prescription item you have ordered from Asset Chemist Ltd.  a £5.00 administrative fee will be charged to refund the payment for your cancelled order.

Asset Chemist will contact your doctor to validate the private prescription

Online Doctor Service

The Online Doctor Service is provided by PharmaDoctor.
PharmaDoctor is owned and operated by eScripts Marketing Limited a CQC-registered company working with medical professionals, GMC registered doctors and UK-registered pharmacies.
Asset Chemist will send the medication you have ordered.

Use of Asset Chemist Web Site and It's Content

Asset Chemist maintains this website as a service to its customers, potential customers, and other interested parties.  The content on this website is our property and is protected by U.K.  and international copyright laws.  Please note that trademarks associated with product manufacturers and their product brands are the manufacturer's property and are in nearly all cases copyrighted by the manufacturers.
You may use the content on our website only for your own personal, non-commercial shopping and information purposes.  Copying, publishing, broadcasting, modification, distribution, and transmission in any way without the prior written consent of Asset Chemist is strictly prohibited.  Asset Chemist reserves title and full intellectual property rights for materials downloaded or otherwise received from this website.  We at this moment grant you permission to download, print and store selected portions of our content.  However the copies must be for your own personal and non-commercial use, you cannot copy or post the content on any network computer or broadcast it in any media, and you cannot alter or modify the content in any manner.

Asset Chemist owns and operates this website.

Warranty Disclaimer

Medical Advice:

Information on this site is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other medical professional.  You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication.  You should read all product packaging carefully.

If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, always contact your health care provider.  Though all of the home health tests we sell are very accurate, the fact is that there are no 100% accurate home health tests that we know of.

Furthermore, many health tests are a screen for certain medical condition or symptom and not for any particular disease.  So, it is important to understand that if you test positive for some medical condition, symptom or illness, then always contact your physician immediately and ask to be re-tested again.  The medical description is attributed to the author, Dr Murtagh Haas.

Third Party Information:

Our website includes content provided by third parties.  We are the distributor of such content and not its publisher.  Our editorial control of such content is the same as that of a public library or newsstand.  Our third party suppliers may express certain opinions or provide certain information and offers.  Asset Chemist makes no warranties as to the completeness, accuracy, timeliness or reliability of information or suggestions supplied by third parties and published by Asset Chemist does not guarantee or warrant the performance of any third party or its products.  All product warranties and product liability are the sole responsibility of the product manufacturer.  Furthermore, if you elect to purchase a product from us, then you must agree to hold our company totally harmless if, in the unlikely event, a product we sell causes you any physical, emotional, or psychological harm.
Product information, description and side effects are those published and stated by the respective manufacturers.

Advertising on the site is not permitted.  Only the sites owned by Asset Chemist advertise on the site.

Accuracy of information

We try to ensure that all information and colours are correct at the time of their publication.  However, the representation of colours on your browser may differ from the actual colours of products supplied.  Any typographical, clerical or other error is subject to correction without any liability on our part.  Any advice or recommendation is given on this website or otherwise provided to you by us, or any of our employees or agents, is followed or acted upon entirely at your risk and we are not liable for such advice or recommendation

Technical Failures:

Asset Chemist expressly denies liability for technical failures (including hardware or software failures), incomplete, scrambled or delay computer transmissions, and mechanical errors, as well as illegal access of user transmissions by third parties.

Linked Web Sites:

We make no representations concerning the content of sites listed in any of our directories.  Consequently, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, relevancy, copyright compliance, legality or decency of material contained in sites listed in the links to our site.  By using this site to link to another site, you agree and understand that you may not make any claim against us for any damages or losses, whatsoever, resulting from your use of the location to link to another site.  However, if you have a problem with a link from the site, please let us know by contacting us.

Sales Policies Payment Methods

We accept Visa, MasterCard credit cards.  We may extend credit terms to businesses, government agencies, school districts, and other established institutions like hospitals and medical clinics.
Please email: customerservice@assetchemist.co.uk to request a credit application.

Pricing Policy:

The prices shown on this site are for Internet orders only.  Prices, inventory and availability, are subject to change without notice.  All prices listed are in U.S.  Dollars, GBP Pounds and the Euro and all prices are inclusive of VAT except for Prescription products.

VAT Reg number: 782375502.

When you purchase our products from another country and pay by credit card, the credit card company will calculate the exchange rate and include it in your monthly statement.  Website Security.  This website uses a highly secure shopping cart and checkout process that is based on SSL 3.0 technology, RSA with 1024 bit exchange, and RC4 with 128-bit encryption (High) or 40-bit encryption (Low).

Return Policies Damaged or Defective Products:

Asset Chemist will provide a replacement or a full refund for any defective product or product damaged in shipping. 

A prescription or any pharmacy product can not be returned once accepted.

Contact customerservice@assetchemist.co.uk for instructions.

Information Discrepancies:

Please carefully read the manufacturer's printed instructions for all products.  If there are any discrepancies between our website information and the manufacturer's printed instructions, DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT.

Contact us at customerservice@assetchemist.co.uk and we will refund your money in full.

Notification of errors

You should check the content of each delivery promptly upon receipt.  If you believe that items have been sent to you in error, you should contact us immediately

Customer Dissatisfaction with Product:

If you are dissatisfied with the product, please contact customerservice@assetchemist.co.uk with details about your complaint.  We will communicate with the manufacturer with your complaint and e-mail you instructions.  Please note that refunds for product dissatisfaction are the sole responsibility of the product manufacturer.

We cannot accept any product if the product's packaging has been opened or if the product has not been shipped back to us within fourteen days of receipt.  Cold Chain products are non-returnable.  Returns for these items will be only for product destruction.  The cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

Please contact us at customerservice@assetchemist.co.uk for detailed shipping instructions.

Terms of Use

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